The fundamental principle that guides our work is transparency. Right from the outset, we clearly and transparently communicate our method of operation, the scope of work, and the costs involved in the construction process. Further down the line, we meet the challenges set before us in a reliable and diligent manner to present the final product.

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    Handover of Design

    The initial mandatory step in the project is the handover of the design on the basis of which you want to build your house. Ready-made designs offered by architectural firms are widely available on the market. However, if you purchase one of these, you are free to make modifications to the layout of the building or the materials used. As an alternative, you can order a bespoke design from an architect who will adapt all the details to suit your needs.

    Preliminary Cost Estimate

    To draw up an estimate of the costs associated with the project, it is necessary to provide technical documentation in the form of the following drawings:

    • Floor plans
    • Cross-section
    • Elevations

    These drawings must include information on the dimensions of the various structural components so that we can calculate the required materials. Care should be taken to ensure that the plans provided are as accurate as possible, as this will certainly translate into a favourable final estimate. An important aspect of the cost estimate is also the location in which your build is planned.

    Agreeing the Scope of Work and Signing the Contract

    We always go over the scope of work covered by our contract, which usually includes:

    • Assembly of a CLT panel house including windows installed either at the factory or directly on the building site
    • Installation of roofing: concrete/ceramic tiles, sheeting, EPDM membrane on flat roofs
    • Installation of wood cladding or preparation for plastering using rock wool, wood wool, or polystyrene

    Once the contract has been approved, we will prepare comprehensive bespoke technical documentation for you, complete with the detailed structural calculations required to obtain planning permission.

    Manufacture of CLT Panels

    CLT panels are manufactured precisely using CNC equipment according to your previously approved specifications. The next stage is the development of shop drawings. Importantly, once these have been completed, it will no longer be possible to make changes to the design. To optimize the entire process, all decisions relating to the manufacture of your house must be made a minimum of eight weeks in advance. This will ensure maximum comfort for you as the client and allow us to focus on high-quality workmanship.

    Installation of
    CLT Panels

    A key stage in the construction of your dream home is the installation of CLT panels. The panels are delivered to the building site by vehicles of smaller (Fig.1) or larger (Fig.2) sizes, so care must be taken to ensure that the access road to the plot is suitably paved and easily navigable for them. Our comprehensive services also manifest in our attention to logistical aspects of the project. Thanks to this, the installation of CLT panels is carried out with seamless efficiency, which guarantees a lasting sense of satisfaction from the streamlined execution of the entire work cycle.

    Installation of panels
    within 2-4 days

    The timber panels are cut to size at the production stage, taking into account the openings provided for doors, windows, as well as all the necessary connections. We also ensure that any electrical or plumbing concerns are properly addressed. Perfectly cut sections are delivered to the site, where they are installed within a few days.

    No need
    for finishing works

    The absence of cracks, holes, and irregularities in the walls means that our builds require no additional finishing – sanding, plastering, or painting. We refer to this condition as ‘visual quality’. In other words, your property will be aesthetically pleasing and adequately protected without the need to incur unnecessary costs.

    No drying time

    The timber used in production is seasoned, containing minimal moisture, which means that no drying time is needed for the structure.

    Manufacturing precision

    The accuracy which comes with prefabrication guarantees a level of fit during assembly, which is unheard of in conventional construction.

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