We build
timber houses

Warm, Quiet, Robust.
Meet the CLT Industry Leaders.

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We build
timber houses

Warm, Quiet, Robust.
Meet the CLT Industry Leaders.

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We build
timber houses

Warm, Quiet, Robust.
Meet the CLT Industry Leaders.

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We build
timber houses

Warm, Quiet, Robust.
Meet the CLT Industry Leaders.

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CLT technology

So what is CLT?

CLT stands for cross-laminated timber

CLT is an engineered wood technology that involves joining wood slats which are then stacked and bonded perpendicularly to each other to form large-size panels used in constructing house walls, ceilings and roofs.

More about the technology

Structural advantages

Robustness and compliance.

The timber panels boast load, tension and shrink resistance while also meeting all fire safety standards.

Quality and timeless design

The excellent acoustic performance, sustainability, thermal insulation and contemporary design of our timber houses guarantee superior quality.

Timely delivery and short construction times

Accurate component cutting prevents problems during assembly, which is carried out directly on site by our own skilled staff. As a result, our houses are built up to 16 times faster than developments based on traditional methods.

CLT technology

And most importantly:

A timber house ensures natural comfort

CLT technology

as well as…

Energy efficiency and sustainability

thermal insulation

The excellent thermal insulation properties of wood keep walls warm during winter months.


CLT houses are the very essence of minimalism and modern style.


The high density structure of the wood layers effectively dampens both external and internal noise..

Humidity control
and indoor climate

Balanced humidity control system. Timber either releases excess moisture or retains it, fostering a favourable indoor microclimate.

Ease of use

Timber offers a versatile structure for installing additional insulation, facilitating easy upgrades to the building’s energy efficiency.

High durability
and low maintenance

Cross-laminated timber ensures structural durability and long life.

and wellness

Low CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, biodegradability and renewability are further advantages of our technology. In addition, timber, as a building material, provides excellent indoor humidity control, further enhancing the wellness-promoting attributes of your house.

What we build

Home or office building?

Timber offers flexibility in terms of building style

While the majority of our projects are detached houses (including multi-storey ones) and housing estates, these are but a part of Multicomfort’s portfolio. We also undertake projects for restaurants, offices, warehouses, public buildings (such as nurseries and social housing), hotels and many others.

See our projects

Unlimited choice of wall cladding and roofing materials

Our constructions offer limitless possibilities. You have complete freedom to select the exterior cladding, roofing, type and colour of windows, as well as other features. Additionally, you are encouraged to benefit from our expert advice on interior decoration.

Warm houses,
warm interiors

Thanks to using top-quality insulation materials during production, our houses are perfectly sealed. The result? You can relish the warmth of your cosy home without concern about soaring heating bills.

Small or large house, we serve clients locally and internationally.

Our portfolio includes projects of all sizes, from the smallest at 12sqm to the largest at 1680sqm. With unparalleled flexibility, we undertake projects across Poland and throughout Europe, constructing your house precisely to your specifications wherever you desire.

How long does it take to build a house?

The fastest method

What is the construction time?

Literally just a few days. We transport the finished panels to the construction site, have our expert staff assemble them quickly and efficiently … while you can already plan further fit-out work.

Installation of panels within 2-4 days

The timber panels are cut to size at the production stage, taking into account the openings provided for doors, windows, as well as all the necessary connections. We also ensure that any electrical or plumbing concerns are properly addressed. Perfectly cut sections are delivered to the site, where they are installed within a few days.

No need for finishing works

The absence of cracks, holes, and irregularities in the walls means that our builds require no additional finishing – sanding, plastering, or painting. We refer to this condition as ‘visual quality’. In other words, your property will be aesthetically pleasing and adequately protected without the need to incur unnecessary costs.

No drying time required

The timber used in production is seasoned, containing minimal moisture, which means that no drying time is needed for the structure.

Manufacturing precision

The accuracy which comes with prefabrication guarantees a level of fit during assembly, which is unheard of in conventional construction.

16 times

Prefabrication, well thought-out detailed design and rapid on-site installation. Resistance to weather conditions and maximum prevention of the so-called wet trade jobs means unrivalled time savings compared to conventional construction.


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